About us

Our Legacy is Built
Upon Your Quality Product
Founded on the year 1998, Weily Design & Silkscreen had envisioned the growth of local merchandise business. Our speciality in silkscreen printing had proven its remarked quality and affordable economical preference on any material. Today, we are one of the largest printing company in Kajang.
Multiple Solutions for
Multiple Printing Needs
Our experts are always helpful in recommending the right tools for your desired needs

Our speciality in silkscreen printing became our trademark due to its remarked quality and economical preference. Glass, stainless steel and PVC printing are made possible with silkscreen printing.

We also provide special printing techniques such as UV printing, etching, heat transfer and laser cut, which will provide high customisation and better finishings to every product.
We Do What We Could,
So That You Don't Have To.
At Weily Design & Silkscreen, we help customers to ensure the whole process is smooth and hassle-free, providing only the best customer experience. Our in-package service included:
In-House DTP Artist

Our desktop publishers are responsible to ensure that your files are compatible and good-to-print.
Printing Consultation

Our friendly experts will help to recommend the best materials and printing that suit your budget.
Quality Control

The best materials are nothing without proper supervision. Perfect is our minimum standard.
Whenever it comes to customizable printing, our experts are always helpful in recommending the right tools for your desired needs.
“Our priority towards customer satisfactory sets the bar for our premium products and services. We promise to grow with our customers to answer the growing demand of low-to-high end marketing needs.”
Mr. Jimmy Sha
Founder of SYC Creation Design & Silkscreen